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Round Clear Spice Labels - 1.25" diameter labels - Set of 24 or 48

Round Clear Spice Labels - 1.25" diameter labels - Set of 24 or 48

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This listing is for a set of 24 or 48 1.25" round clear labels with pre-selected text.

Only the font on these labels can be customized.
If you would like to customize the text on the labels, please use this listing:

By default, proofs are not sent for these labels except you request.

Application is easy! Simply peel off the backing and stick them on your jar! These labels are waterproof.

Two options are available - Basic and Deluxe. The text on each includes:

1. Allspice
2. Basil
3. Bay Leaves
4. Cayenne Pepper
5. Celery Salt
6. Chili Powder
7. Cinnamon
8. Coriander
9. Cumin
10. Curry Powder
11. Dill
12. Garlic Powder
13. Ginger
14. Nutmeg
15. Onion Powder
16. Oregano
17. Paprika
18. Parsley
19. Pepper
20. Rosemary
21. Sage
22. Salt
23. Seasoning Salt
24. Thyme

1. Allspice
2. Basil
3. Bay Leaves
4. Black Pepper
5. Bouillon
6. Cardamom
7. Cayenne Pepper
8. Celery Salt
9. Chicken Magic
10. Chili Powder
11. Chipotle
12. Cinnamon
13. Cloves
14. Coriander
15. Cream of Tartar
16. Crushed Red Pepper
17. Cumin
18. Curry Powder
19. Dill
20. Garlic Powder
21. Garlic Salt
22. Ginger
23. Italian Seasoning
24. Kosher Salt
25. Minced Onion
26. Mustard
27. Nutmeg
28. Onion Powder
29. Oregano
30. Paprika
31. Parsley
32. Pepper
33. Poppy Seeds
34. Poultry Seasoning
35. Pumpkin Spice
36. Red Pepper
37. Rosemary
38. Sage
39. Salmon Magic
40. Salt
41. Sea salt
42. Seasoning Salt
43. Sesame Seed
44. Smoked Paprika
45. Steak Seasoning
46. Thyme
47. Turmeric
48. Vegetable seasoning

For larger clear pantry labels, use this listing:

Need a different size? Please send me a message before placing your order.

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A. YES, please send me a message with your requests! I will create a proof with up to three designs for you to pick one or request additional changes. Once approved and order is placed, production will start.


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